Book Club

Monday 8 February

6.15pm-7.30pm / Free

Book Club à l’Alliance Française

Alliance Française de Manchester

Tous les matins du monde de Pascal Quignard, 1991

A story of the apprenticeship of Marin Marais in the house of the austere, recluse, and mysterious violist Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe, obsessed with his late wife, and of his romantic entanglements with his master’s two daughters, Madeleine and Toinette.

The basis of the story is taken from an anecdote from the work of Evrard Titon du Tillet. Among the historical facts that the book outlines are Sainte-Colombe’s addition of the viola da gamba’s seventh and lowest string.

In the same year, the author participated in creating the screen adaptation with director Alain Corneau for the movie of the same title.

Advanced intermediate level of French required. Complimentary wine and nibbles. No participation fee 

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