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Ciné-Club #1

by Bruno Podalydès

Friday 13 November 2015 15:06-16:06

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Alliance française de Manchester

granny's funeral

2012, Comedy

Granny’s Funeral , by Bruno Podalydès

Armand (played by Denis Podalydès), who works in a pharmacy with his wife (Isabelle Candelier), finds himself in a state of perpetual indecision, unable to leave his wife or to run away with his mistress (Valérie Lemercier).

When his grandmother, Berthe, dies, he finds himself torn between further choices: whether to bury or cremate her and which funeral director to choose.

During a visit to his late grandmother’s retirement home, he reconstructs her life and discovers (through the over-laborious and strikingly uncinematic reading out of rather too many letters) how her great love was a magician called Max Kiff. And, as it happens, Armand is himself an amateur magician.