Film – Moloch Tropical by Raoul Peck

Ciné-club: The French Connection?
Fri 1 November 2013 – 6pm
@ Alliance Française Manchester

£2 (members) / £3 (non-members)

From 1 November to 10 December, discover a selection of 7 drama and documentary filmmaking from all over the Francophonie! In partnership with Cornerhouse, the new ‘The French Connection?’ season will show you the diversity of French-speaking cultures in cinema.

1 November: Moloch Tropical by Raoul Peck  (FR HAI, 2010, 107 mins)

Amidst the protection of a fortified palace perched on the top of a mountain, a democratically elected President and his closest collaborators are getting ready for a commemorative celebration dinner. Foreign chiefs of state and dignitaries of all sorts are expected to assist. However, the morning of the event, he awakens to find the country in an uprise. As the day goes on, rebellion rampages through the most popular neighborhoods.

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