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18 September 2014


The UK Arab Film Festival  returns with two rarely-screened, classic Arab films. Curated by Omar Kholeif. Supported by the British Academy International Partnerships Scheme and the University of Manchester.

West Beirut

west beirutThu 18 Sep, 18:10

Dir Ziad Doueiri/LB 1998/110 mins/Arabic and French wEng ST/Cert 15

Rami Doueiri, Mohamad Chamas, Rola Al Amin, Carmen Lebbos, Joseph Bou Nassar, Liliane Nemry, Leila Karam

Set in Lebanon at the start of the 1975 civil war, West Beirut tells the gripping and emotional story of two young boys, Tarek and Omar, whose world is fuelled by political violence. At first, the war seems like a lark and the boys make 8mm films of their adventures together, reveling in the thrilling excitement of conflict.

But soon, religious and patriarchal tensions rise, and their personal war leads from adventure to tragedy.

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