Film – Jewish Film Festival

20 November 2014

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20.30 Film

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Friends From France

original title

    Les Interdits


    Anne Weil

    Philippe Kotlarski


    Canada, France, Germany, Russian Federation

Year  2013

Duration  100 min

Cineworld Didsbury Parrs Wood Entertainment Centre
Wimslow Road
Manchester M20 5PG
0871 200 2000

A hit at the Toronto International Film Festival. Set in the USSR in 1979, Friends From France follows a young engaged couple on a holiday to Odessa. Or at least that’s their cover story. They are Jewish cousins, on a secret mission to help ‘refuseniks’, Jews persecuted by the Soviet regime for wanting to leave the country.

Together Carole and Jerome explore the dangerous world of Breshnev’s Russia, where it’s dangerous to trust anyone.

More than a glimpse into a troubling and overlooked place and time, Friends from France also develops into a love story that takes a detour into unexpected territory.

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