International Photo Contest 2013

Alliance française de Manchester

Concours – Until December 15th


The AF Manchester and the Foundation Alliance française are running a new international Photo Contest! The theme is: “On joue sur la Terre!” (“We play on Earth!”).

This event is free and open to all adult members of the Alliance Française de Manchester.
Each participant must send two pictures around the theme “On joue sur la Terre!” to the AF Manchester (TIFF or JPEG, 300 dpi). Each picture must have a title.
The following information should also be provided by each participant along with their two photos:

  • The references and details of the camera used
  • The aperture and the shutter speed
  • If you are using photographic film, please state its references (brand, ISO number).

Each participant must provide original and exclusive pictures (no reproduction allowed).Please note that this competition is not open to professional photographers.The participants agree to leave the exclusive rights of their pictures to the Foundation Alliance française during the contest (from 17th July 2013 to 5th January 2014).
The winner and the other 19 finalists will allow the Foundation Alliance française to reproduce and distribute their photographs free of charge for the general exhibition, and to promote and advertise their work on any media known in the entire world and for a duration of 2 years beginning 3rd February 2014.
The winner and the other 19 finalists authorize the Foundation Alliance française to take pictures and recordings (video / audio) of their participation and to broadcast them worldwide for a duration of two years beginning 25th January 2014.

15th December 2013: Deadline to submit your pictures. The winning pictures will be selected by a jury of the Alliance française de Manchester and sent to the Foundation Alliance française in Paris.
25th January 2014: Final decision by the jury of the Foundation AF: 40 worldwide laureates will be selected for a collective exhibition, and among them, the jury will distinguish a final winner and 19 other finalists.

A selection of the work from the winner and the finalists will be exhibited in a Parisian art galleryand/or at the Fondation Alliance française’s own gallery.
The winner’s pictures will be displayed individually in a Parisian art gallery.
Some pictures will be selected and published in French art magazines.
The Foundation Alliance française will also offer the winner a return plane ticket to Paris, as well as accommodation in the French capital for a week.


  • You must have the consent of the people photographed
  • Remember that photographs of buildings (new or historical) are subjected to ownership rights
  • Do not show objects (clothing, furniture, objects) with a brand or signature
  • Do not take pictures displaying alcohol, tobacco or any other acts of consumption.

For more information, please contact us:

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