Language and the image: an introduction to painting analysis

Workshop : ‘Histoire de l’Art’

@Alliance Française Manchester


10,17, 24 January and 21, 28 February 2014

The picture lies to us, it tries to fool us. What is the best way to capture the very meaning of an art piece? Through an overview of Western painting and discussions, Arnaud Idelon, graduate in “Histoire de l’Art” and Editorial Director for the French art newspaper Carnet d’Art, will help your understanding of the significance of the painters’ own particular language and make the painting come alive for you.

Workshop 1: 
The language of the image: When the image wants to speak

10-17-24 January(6pm – 7.30pm)
£30 members – £40 non-members

Interpreting a picture gives it a meaning, as a picture is much like a riddle of signs and symbols. Through an overview of French and Francophone painting from the fifteenth century through to the 21st, this first series of Workshop will focus on figuring out these symbols to grant them a meaning, and therefore understand what the artist wanted to express.

Workshop 2: 
The image without language : the image above all

21 et 28 février (18h00-20h00)
£25 members – £35 non-members

Take a step back, think again! What if the picture has nothing more to express than itself? These two workshops will try to show how the picture can speak for itself, and does not always need experts to decipher it. By studying how a tiny detail or abstraction can obscure a painting’s meaning, we will discover that meaning is not the only aim of a painting.

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