The Art of Verbs / L’art de conjuguer

The Art of Verbs / L’art de conjuguer :‘Le Triangle de John’ An introduction to a new analysis of French verbs conjugation

ParisTouches_scanFriday September 27th 2013, 6pm
@Alliance Française
When he started to learn French, John McCarthy struggled with verbs endings and ended up analysing the French verb structure. This led him to create a visual pattern and a brand new system, which he named “Le Triangle de John”. With the help of the well-known artist Walter Kershaw and of a French language specialist, Cyrille Rollet, he created an eBook based on his analysis.

The three of them will present their work at the Alliance Francaise. This will be followed by a discussion with the audience.

John McCarthy has a PhD in bio-chemistry and is a GP.

Walter Kershaw is a Rochdale artist renowned for his mural paintings. He produced considerable works in the UK and South America and did several paintings connected to France (including a piece on the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris).

Cyrille Rollet has a Master in Linguistics, a Master in French as a Foreign Language and a PGCE. He has been a teacher at the Alliance Française de Manchester since 2006.

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