French Restaurant – 63 Degrees

63 Degrees Restaurant
20 Church Street
Manchester M4 1PN
t: +44(0)161 832 5438


In the Moreau family, we’ve always had a very French love of good food. After living in Manchester for more than a year, Alexandre convinced his father and head chef Eric and mother Florence to move from Paris and share this love of good food with his adopted city. Together, we’ve opened a Moreau family restaurant called 63°, where the food is an expression of modern French cuisine, using only locally sourced, fresh ingredients and cooking designed to delight the senses and convey a whole new world of taste.

If you love coffee, you’ll know that many believe that 63° is the perfect temperature at which to serve it. But Eric Moreau will tell you that it’s also the temperature of a unique cooking technique that he’s perfected after many years of experimentation. Cooked long and low at 63°, poultry tastes like you’ve never tasted it before, incomparably tender and full of unforgettable flavours. So 63° represents for us the love and care that goes into all our cooking, which we’d love to share with you.

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