Invite to first years to become a peer mentor in French

Dear first-year students,

Hopefully you are all aware of the French Studies Peer Mentoring scheme, which is run by second and final-year students primarily to help first-years feel integrated both in the academic and the social life of University. So in recent years, for instance, the Peer Mentors have organised film screenings and cinema trips, pub crawls, a reading group, French food evenings, interviews in French with xmas market traders, a French fashion event, and set up the fantastic website Manchester French Connections, which showcases all French-related events in the Manchester region.

If you would like to help maintaining and developing the peer-mentor scheme next year, please consider acting as Peer Mentor yourself. We are currently recruiting first-year students and training them to become Peer Mentors for 2014-15 when new first-years arrive.

To look at the Peer Mentor role profile and sign up for the training, click on peer-mentors for 2014-15.

Being a Peer Mentor is an opportunity to help students transition from school to University, make decisions that are right for them (whether they are academic or pastoral), make friends, and to increase their academic confidence and employability. Indeed, the benefits for you are at once cultural (being involved in French-related activities), personal (making friends) and professional (team-work, taking initiatives, negotiating skills, budget planning, etc – all very useful experience).

The University provides full training for new mentors, which starts on Monday 17th February, so please act fast!

You could also be a Student Coordinator, a role with more responsibility, which is an opportunity to gather very useful experience. (See below for details.)

If you have any questions or want more information, please get in touch with either the Peer Mentor Staff Coordinator (myself, Dee Reynolds), or the current Peer Mentor Student Coordinators, Mim Walker-Khan ( and Danica Gamble ( ).

Very best wishes

Dee Reynolds,

Student Coordinator Expectations

As a Student Coordinator you are responsible for promoting the scheme within your discipline and you will become a regular point of contact for the Staff Coordinator, Peer Mentors and the Students as Partners Programme (the Sabbatical Interns, Will Carey and Marcia Ody). You are also responsible for ensuring that the scheme continues throughout the year through encouraging and motivating your Mentors.

A crucial element to the success of a scheme is good communication between the Staff and Student Coordinators. An initial meeting is necessary to help confirm roles and the schemes direction. Regular verbal or email updates (usually from the Student Coordinator to the Staff Coordinator informing them of any plans and developments) have shown to have a positive impact on the development and continuation of a scheme.

In addition, Student Coordinators are expected to keep in regular contact with their Sabbatical Intern through emails and face to face meetings. This is an important part of ensuring not only the maintenance and development of the scheme, but that your personal goals and plans for the scheme are achieved and their role is to help you to do this. In turn, there are regular Student Coordinator meetings where we bring in outside speakers who provide additional training. These are also a great opportunity for you to meet Student Coordinators from other schemes and exchange ideas. We also provide Student Coordinators with the chance to represent the University at Regional, National and International Peer Support events throughout the year.


Student Coordinators must:

  • Attend Student Coordinator Network meetings.
  • Help staff to assign Mentors to Mentees.
  • Help with the recruitment of Peer Mentors.
  • Work with Mentors to organise events/ activities for the scheme.
  • Produce handover information to the next Student Coordinator at the end of the academic year to enable continuation of the scheme.
  • Consider additional training requirements for Peer Mentors.






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