Film screening – La Délicatesse


Directed by David Foenkinos, Stéphane Foenkinos

Produced by 2.4.7. Films (247films)
Genres : Fiction – Runtime : 1 h 48 min
French release : 21/12/2011
Production year : 2011

Come and watch the film on Wednesday 9th October 2-4pm in Samuel Alexander Building, Room A113. There will be another screening next week, details to be announced. 

If you like the film then come to our Reading Group

What is it? The peer mentors are creating a  French Reading Group. It’s open to all UoM year groups and not affiliated with any courses.

How will it work? First of all we will watch the film together but if you miss it you can watch it on DVD at the Language Centre, where there are also copies of the book, La Délicatesse,  available to borrow. We know that everyone is busy, so we will start with just a few key extracts, and then meet up and discuss them (probably in English so there’s no need to be intimidated!).

The point? Reading in French is one of the best ways to improve your language and we hope that by doing it together it will be fun and not too difficult.

Read about the film and watch a preview here


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