Speed Networking Event about residence abroad


WHEN? Wednesday 23rd October 2013, 3-5pm

WHERE? Uni Place 3.204

WHO FOR? For second year students to meet up with final-years

WHAT FOR? To talk about your residence abroad

There will be drinks and snacks

If you are interested in attending this event:

Second-year students: Please sign up on the list on the second-year French noticeboard on the third floor. Places are limited.

Final years: Please contact Gaëlle Flower (Gaelle.Flower@manchester.ac.uk)

More information from Gaëlle:

I am organising a ‘speed networking event’ involving 9-10 final-year students and around 40 second-year students on Wednesday 23rd October, 3-5pm (Uni Place – 3.204).

During the event, each final-year student will spend ten minutes with a group of around four to five second-year students discussing their residence abroad in a French-speaking country. Within this ten- minute slot, the students will also have the opportunity to ask questions. After 10 minutes, the group of students will move tables. This will continue until all the students have met. Second-year students and final-year students will then be free to participate in “open networking” and food and drinks will be served.

This event will then be followed by a French food party (organised by the peer-mentors!)

  • ·         Students will be able to chat in English or French, although we will ‘strongly encourage’ the final years to at least present their initial profile in the target language (ie. name, degree programme here in Manchester, country/town or residence whilst abroad, length of stay, occupation, etc.).  This will give second-year students an idea of the degree of fluency that final-year students have achieved. They will also have the opportunity to show off their French, and perhaps any accent acquired (l’accent du sud, le verlan des banlieues, le ch’ti du nord, l’accent antillais, etc.)
  • ·         I would like to invite students to bring a photo or object that they feel reminds them of their residence abroad. This could serve as a fun, light-hearted springboard for interesting discussion.
  • ·         The conversation will ideally include ‘do’s and don’ts’ useful to all students about to embark on the exciting journey that will culminate in their year abroad, with final years emphasising what they feel they have gained most from their period of residence in a French speaking country.  They will be asked to share their most valuable knowledge and experiences gained from studying, teaching or working in their specific location. 

What’s in it for final-year students?

Apart from having my eternal gratitude, you will of course be doing your ‘good deed for the day’ and helping second year students with your insight and experience!  You know too that attributes such as willingness to help, enthusiasm, a cheerful personality and a desire to face new challenges are all important elements of any reference the Department writes in your quest to get a job.

What’s in it for second-year students?

Apart from meeting fun, kind and enthusiastic final-year students – who may become your BFF – you will get tips and inside knowledge, for example useful names and email addresses for jobs or placements and for accommodation opportunities.  These are probably amongst the most difficult challenges students face when preparing for their residence abroad.

It is also likely that you are not yet 100% certain about what you want to do and where you want to go next year. This event will give much more precise information about all the different opportunities and choices you can make. You will definitely get more out of meeting face-to-face with students who “have been there and done that” than spending time scrutinising Blackboard when you have to make important decisions about next year.



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