Writing and Sound Editing Workshop

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 6:00 PM

Double Issue
Wednesday 18 February – 6pm-8.30pm
@ TOAST (6th floor, federation house, ballon street, M4 2AH)

Free, in French

“Double Issue” is a workshop led by an artist from Rennes, Stéphanie Vivier, which will take place as part of the project “Do you Speak Malentendu?”

“Do you Speak Malentendu?” is an idea from the Franco-British collective MUTO.
MUTO organises events that explore exhibition formats with a particular interest in artistic forms that have a special relationship to the places where art is exhibited: performance, sound, video…
This year MUTO’s theme is misunderstanding. And so, “Do You Speak Misunderstanding?” is based on theoretical, poetic and visual research devoted to dialogue and the multiple meanings of language.
In February, a collective residence is taking place in TOAST, where French and Mancunian artists will meet.

The Workshop. “Double Issue” is a writing and sound editing workshop, exploring the concept of polysemy and homography in the French and English languages. This workshop invites you to explore your voice and insert yourself as a fictional character within existing soundtracks.

It is organized into 2 phases:
1)    Writing time, generated from transparent words or false friends which are French/English homographs.
2)    Recording time, in groups of 2 or 3 people, turning dialogues/scores into sounds. These extracts are computerized and added to a sound database comprised of language course extracts. After this, the groups can create a new montage mixing their voices and fictional characters.

Free. Workshop animated in French.
Booking advised at event@afmanchester.org or call 0161 236 7117

Alliance Française de Manchester



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